Audio Walk Performance


Eliška Brtnická (Prague)

Man sieht einen Turm oben auf einem Dach. An den Sprossen bis zum Dach des Turms hängt ein Mensch in der Luft.

Friday, 8.July 2022, 7.30 pm

Saturday, 9 July 2022, 7.30 pm

Sunday, 10 July 2022, 5.00 pm

Gathering point

The biggest threat in life is that we become too cautious.” (Japanese proverb)


Today, we value security above all else. An ever-growing system of rules and regulations should guarantee that “nothing will happen to us” in public space.

In English, HANG OUT means to spend time idly, just relaxing, but also to display something outside. Where is it still possible to move around outside, to hang out, hang around or hang something up – and what are the risks? Do children still even go outside? Security has become our mantra, but don’t we still miss the nervous excitement of parachuting or going to the circus?

In her audio-walk performance HANG OUT, the acrobat Eliška Brtnická (Prague) is interested in out-of-the-way and forbidden places in public spaces – places that perhaps you also thought about climbing around on.


Eliška Brtnická and her team will start working at the end of June in Mannheim. They want to try out unusual places and conduct interviews with locals that will also be part of the performance piece. This is how the exclusive premiere of HANG OUT will come together.

This piece escalates the fundamental idea of artistic risk that is the theme of this year’s festival. It is a commentary on the widespread way of thinking about safety and the actions taken by authorities and individuals to ensure it.


Concept, Performance, Scenography Eliška Brtnická Script Eliška Brtnická, Viktorie Knotková Dramaturgy Viktorie Knotková Sound Technology Stanislav Abrahám, Roman Džačár, among others Production Eva Roškaňuková, Iva-Hedvika Zýková Photos Vojtěch Brtnický  

 In collaboration with KD Mlejn, Cirqueon, Roundabout Europe 


About the artist

Eliška Brtnická studied non-verbal theatre at the renowned HAMU in Prague and founded her company Cirkus Mlejn in 2010. She is a specialist in aerial acrobatics, particularly the trapeze. After a multitude of collaborations with acrobats such as Ilona Jäntti, Stéphanie N'Duhirahe and KIT Copenhagen, she started focussing on her own solo performances. She earned her PhD in dramaturgy and aerial acrobatics in 2018. Eliška Brtnická works as a choreographer and dramatic advisor for circus productions. She also teaches acrobatics and gives workshops in aerial choreography. She is also the programme director for the international Contemporary Circus Festival Fun Fatale in Jihlava (Czech Republic).  


The event is sponsored by the Deutsch-Tschechischen Zukunftsfonds.

Title photo © Vojtěch Brtnický

Photos gallery © Lys Y. Seng