The Sin of Life

QuArtEer Collective (Heidelberg)

Hier sieht man die Mitglieder des QuArtEr Kollektivs. Sie stehen zu viert vor einer dunklen Wand und schauen in die Kamera.

Saturday, 9 July 2022, 10.00 pm

Free admission


To sin is to live. The known story of the fall of humanity from paradise begins with biting an apple, a self-determined act. A moral warning against defying the figure of an almighty father, an omnipotent God. Humanity lands on earth; it finds itself in sin, in a colourful chaos. The definitions of good and evil are no longer to be painted in black and white pictures.

The four artists of QuArtEer explore the shades and hues between the struggle for purity and the desire for free self-expression. The collective follows the path through the so-called deadly sins and combines experimental performance art with elements of drag, searching for meaning in “the sin of life”.

In Cooperation withQZM (Queeres Zentrum Mannheim)


Titlephoto © Marisa Monfort

Photos gallery © Lys Y. Seng