Residencies for artistic experiments

Research and room for experimentation play an important role in the performing arts. Residencies provide individual artists and groups a chance to focus on their artistic process for a specific period of time. Often, each project brings a changing constellation of participants, and individual ways of working and methods can be re-invented or developed during a residency.

The Theaterfestival Schwindelfrei 2022 will feature presentations from the four residence groups selected for the festival. The groups will arrive in Mannheim three weeks before the beginning of the festival to work. The residency showings will have a workshop character as the participating artists will show their work in small scenes / skits, short performances or installations – allowing visitors a chance to observe their creative work processes. 

Lisa Bless (Heidelberg) 


Choreography und Dance Lisa Bless
Mentoring Jaime Ramirez, Alexander Nikolaev

Location Theater Felina-Areal

Ore Arts (Mannheim/Heidelberg) 
Sisters of the Yam 


Artists Sandra Oliveira, Asmaa Sbou, Annella Schroth, Diana Kreissle, Julia Schroth, Janaína de Oliveira, Lukas Schroth 
Film/Photos and Projection Janaína de Oliveira, Lukas Schroth 
Mentor Allan Falieri (     

Location EinTanzHaus

Rausch/Scheuer/Stockmeier (Mannheim) 


Artists Katharina Anna-Josefine Rausch, Christopher Johannes Scheuer, Friedrich Stockmeier 

Location zeitraumexit

Theater Carnivore (Heidelberg)  
Von einem, der auszog, das Fürchten zu lernen


Artists Moujan M. Taher, Kerstin Kiefer, Marcela Snášelová, Florian Kaiser
Mentor Nora Abdel Rahman  

Location Theaterhaus G7

Mentoring program

This year, the Theaterfestival Schwindelfrei offers artists, groups and institutions of the regional independent scene the opportunity to devote themselves to a self-selected topic working with a mentor. Together they will question their own structures, lay the fundamental groundwork, and search for artistic concepts and new aesthetic approaches.

The following artists, groups and institutions are taking advantage of the mentoring program this year:

  • Cool Pool
    Mentoring  Joscha Denzel

  • Theaterhaus G7
    Mentoring  Agentur für fast Alles

  • Lisa Bless
    Mentoring Jaime Ramirez, Alexander Nikolaev

  • Ore Arts
    Mentor Allan Falieri

  • Theater Carnivore
    Mentor Nora Abdel Rahman  

How we support each other

Residencies and mentoring at the Theaterfestival Schwindelfrei

Presentations and Talks

Theater Felina-Areal | 8 July 2022 | 4.00 pm